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The Vehicle insurance market in the America is dominated by a few companies. In fact, the top ten Vehicle insurance companies control Almost 70% of the market. While the top ten insurance companies control a large number of policies, they have a very variety of characteristics. For helping to choose the best insurance company for your situation, we created a list of the best top ten largest vehicle insurance companies in the America and discuss what makes each of them unique.
When looking on rankings of the top vehicle insurance companies in America, most of the names are recognizable due to their international television advertising campaigns. The best top ten insurance companies offer various insurance rates, customer claims experience and features.

1. State Farm

State Farm operates as a common insurance company, importance that it’s owned by its policyholders. State Farm is the largest auto security company in the U.S. and possesses 19% of the total available market percentage. Nearly one in five dollars spent on unique passenger vehicle premiums in America is paid to State Farm. The company nowadays employs approximately 76,000 employees and has nearly 18,000 agents.
Our Thoughts: State Farm is a tremendous auto insurance company for anyone who wants a local agent and a personalized insurance experience. However, State Farm doesn’t generally offer drivers the most active rates. If you want or desire a curated occurrence, and are willing to pay for it, State Farm is a great choice.


GEICO, well known for its enthusiastic gecko, has served as an underwriter to more than 16 million vehicle policies, which insure more than 24 million vehicles. The company’s quantity allows it to employ more than 38,000 people across nine regional offices, three service centres and three lawsuits centres. GEICO’s original customer base consisted of U.S. government employees and military personnel. Today, the insurance company’s consumer base has expanded to include people in the private district.

3. Progressive

Progressive—the third largest insurance company in the country—was established in 1937. The company offers the ability to purchase vehicle insurance directly, online or by phone. Alternatively, customers can sign up through independent insurance dealers. The corporation employs over 43,000 people and has over 400 bureaus. Progressive is a publicly marketed company.

4. Allstate

Established in 1931, Allstate is the second-largest publicly marketed estate and casualty insurance company in America. Identical to State Farm, Allstate has a roster of local agents ready to serve your needs. The corporation currently employs over 79,000 people. Esurance, a deputy of Allstate, operates in an identical space. According to Allstate, the insurance denomination is targeted towards self-directed and brand-sensitive buyers while Allstate is geared for consumers who enjoy local and personal assistance.

5. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is one of the ceiling insurance companies in the U.S. and has been around for over 90 years. Liberty Mutual also has a large worldwide presence—with operations in 18 countries. The international companies sell property and fatality, health and life security policies. The auto insurance industry is a huge part of Liberty Mutual’s industry, representing 46% of their net written premium from insurance as of their latest annual summary.

6. Travelers

Travellers is more than 160 years old, making it one of the oldest insurance companies regulating today. In fact, Travelers published its first auto insurance policy in 1897, before the Ford Model-T was invented. The corporation has over 30,000 employees and 13,500 autonomous agents and brokers in multiple countries—including the United States, Canada, and Brazil.

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