It is not a new thing for Aikia Km Duke's films to be generally accepted by audiences and critics alike.  For this reason, when the spotlight on the human space-time and human figure was received, it did not matter.  Whatever it was, Kim Kibuk hoped there would be something to see.

 Our story is about a ship, the sailors are preparing for a weeklong voyage.  There are many people from different parts of the country and from different cultures.  One of the most prominent of the passengers is his senior son, who is likely to be the president of the country, along with his son.  In addition to these two characters, two now-married young myths have also come aboard, with another legal team wandering about whose tech.

 About story

 When the voyage begins, the trouble begins, and the gangster mentioned above becomes a dependent or bodyguard to meet the needs of the senator.  He began to slip his hand in everything from the ship's best room to food and comforts.  Tin and his friends began to share in the saying "for the senator."  To put it more simply, the one who has the power and the power to conquer everything, this will only lead to more problems.

 Some ordinary travellers complain someday about the difference in the food served to two people, which the senator presses on and complaints there will be no such problem.  The gangster and his gang go hunting, and then the ship turns into a murder.  Violence, freshness, and cannibalism all take the film to another level.

 As the title points out, the story is divided into Human, Space, and Time, and things are a bit symbolic.  Going into more details avoids the shock of seeing the film, which can be a problem.  The violins mentioned above are pretty well in the film, too.  I have heard a lot of bad comments, but personally liked this movie, please watch it.

 The Face of Others is, to put it simply, a list of the finest Japanese films that look like the sea.  Only one film from director Hiroshi Koshigaya has been seen in the film Woman in the Dunes.  From many angles, Ashigara's career was considered as the best face of another, and it was a huge disappointment.

 The Face of Another is the story of an engineer named Tokuyama, who accidentally hit Okayama at work.  While the film does not specify the cause of the accident, the result is a full-blown burn on Okuyama's face.  In the event that a return to the old form is almost impossible, he is forced to seek another way.  This time he is taken to a doctor named Hire.

 Okuyama is ready to put on a new mask under Bhira's direction.  Okuyama takes on a completely different look that bears no resemblance to the old face.  They both use the help of someone with no previous experience to create this look.  So Okuyama was getting a new face, but the real problems were just getting started.  Hire first issued a warning to Okayama.

 Alhira's warning is that with the arrival of a new form, Okuyama will be transformed into a new person, not just concerning form, but concerning a personality.  Okuyama's behaviour and outlook may change, as will the attitude of others.  In short, a very different person would be born.  Okuyama initially laughed at this warning, but the events that followed gave a different picture.

 There is another plotline parallel to the plot specified in Us.  Although it may seem simple, Face of Others is a film with deeper meanings, Personally, liking Woman in Dunes.  This metaphor heavy film, definitely worth a try, would be a good experience.