Now for those of you thirsty for more knowledge comes this what if you stop drinking water for a day you know your body is up to 70% water this figure changes with age when you were a fetus hey remember that you consisted of 95% of water for the first month of existence at Earth this amount became lower seventy-seven percent all in all in a 150-pound person there are 11 gallons of water and two-thirds of this water is in your cells so why is water so important for a human body well it transports useful substances and nutrients to different organs of your body it provides energy it strengthens muscles and lubricates joints it even lubricates your eyes a normal cardiovascular function is impossible when you don't have enough water in your body.

what's more without sufficient amount of water your body wouldn't be able to regulate its temperature and you'd start to overheat an average person drinks about 264 gallons of water a year people take this liquid for granted and probably never think what would happen if they stopped drinking it well let's see what dire consequences this action would have to begin with water includes other liquids such as soda juices tea and plain old soup however these options are perceived by your body mostly like food but if you can't get pure water to hydrate yourself these drinks will suffice if the level of water in your body drops by one percent your survival instinct will kick in and you will start to feel thirsty so what will happen to your body.

If you stop drinking water at all well first of all your urine will become dark when your body feels the lack of water the kidneys send more of this liquid to the blood and as the blood keeps all of the water the urine turns dark yellow this way your body conserves its fluids after a day or so without liquid you will stop peeing at all what is more you'll also have trouble swallowing due to lack of water in your body your brain will start to shrink oh that's why at first this will be a temporary phenomenon but if you don't recover your water balance the brain may suffer from permanent damage another negative effect of the lack of water will be that your brain will have to work much harder to fulfill even the simplest tasks your energy level will drop significantly 

oh ! you will start to lose focus easily and what if I forget oh you will become much more irritable as water is supposed to lubricate your joints in the areas between your bones its Lac will make your whole body hurt as your bones will grind against each other the condition of your skin will get much worse wrinkles and fine lines will become more prominent the skin itself will feel dry and will start to peel away will lovely you'll start to suffer from headaches as your brain will have to make a double effort to do anything along with the headaches you'll have pain in your eyes there won't be enough water to lubricate them.

So that they will become exceedingly dry you will start to gain water weight now this may sound a bit illogical but that's the way your body will try to conserve all the available water to prevent you from severe dehydration as a result you'll feel and look bloated you will have great problems with your bathroom schedule as soon as your body realizes that water is missing it will start to absorb more which will make it next to impossible to get rid of waste later symptoms will be muscle spasms and elevated body temperature the blood won't get to the skin and you may turn grayish blue you may faint or even have a stroke after a period of three to five days depending on such factors at your age weight and health condition the organs of your body will start to shut down this may lead to death after the brain starts functioning whoo sounds terrifying doesn't it that's why it's extremely important .

To notice the signs of dehydration on time and do everything to avoid such a condition so pay attention to your water balance if your mouth becomes dry and it's hard to swallow the color of your urine turns darker than usual you gain weight despite your regular visits to the gym meaning your metabolic rate has lower you feel feverish your heart rate is elevated you feel dizzy and suffer from repetitive headaches your skin loses its elasticity and turns red you feel constantly tired you can't concentrate if you're a guy you may have erectile dysfunctions you don't cry anymore .

Even if you're a guy with erectile dysfunctions not because you don't want to but because you just can't each of these symptoms is worrying enough but if you notice several of them it's time to ring the alarm bell you might be suffering from dehydration you should immediately increase your water intake however you should do this correctly people need a different amount of water according to their age gender weight and lifestyle for example the Institute of Medicine advises women from 19 to 50 to drink 90 ounces of water a day while men from 19 to 50 should consume daily not less than 125 ounces of water spread the amount of water necessary for you throughout the day for example drink one glass of water in the morning as soon as you get up this will jumpstart your metabolism and hydrate you after the night when you didn't drink any liquid take a water bottle with you wherever you go if you stay in the office during the day put water on the table and take a sip now on that if your job is connected with moving around remember to put your water bottle in your backpack you can play with different types of water bottles, for example, the ones with measurement marks on the side with a special insulation to keep it cool with a built-in filter or a cylinder inside to keep a piece of fruit .

If you go to the gym drink more after a set of moderate exercises you need to have additional 1 to 2 cups of water use an app that tracks water intake such application can be programmed to remind you to drink more water some of them can even show the location of a free water fountain nearest you follow the rule of 8 by 8 this means that you need to drink 8 ounces of water 8 times a day if water is unavailable try to find other sources of hydration you can drink juice tea coffee or eat fruit instead it goes without saying that water is the best liquid to hydrate you but if you have no other choices.

Use anything you can pour into your cup to achieve your daily liquid intake norm at the same time try not to drink more than 4 cups of tea or coffee a day irritability headaches and insomnia will most likely be side effects of excessive consumption of these drinks 

It may seem surprising but more than 20% of your daily intake of water comes from food try to eat more celery watermelon and cucumbers to support your water balance another way to introduce more liquid to your diet is broth and soups and finally be sure of what you're drinking there's this cruel little poem about being sure you know what liquid is water and what isn't Johnnie was a chemist son but Johnnie is no more for what he thought was h2o was h2so4 so do you know what that compound tells us in the comments below along with how much water do you drink a day share this Article with those of your friends who consider water too plain.