Today I will tell you about home remedies that you can increase your weight in a healthy way. To be like thick, to be thin is also a matter of concern. Some people think by eating fried, roasted and junk food can increase your weight. This will increase your weight but this is very harmful to your health. It will increase the extra fat on your body.

So by following today's home remedies and health tips you can gain weight in a healthy way. So now let me tell you what content you will use in today's home remedies

1. Banana
2. Milk 
3. Raisins And CardamomBanana contain calories, carbohydrates, calcium, and potassium. Which gives us instant energy and also increases our weight.

Milk contains rich amount of protein that grows our body muscles fastly. Raisin contains fatty acid, soluble dietary- fiber, vitamins and minerals which promotes our health. Cardamom increases our immune system and also improve our digestive system. And now let me tell you how to make it and how to use it? First, take a glass of milk, cut two bananas and put in it. And add two teaspoon raisins. Prepare a shake of itIf you do not have a mixer grinder. So first you eat two bananas, then drink a glass of milk and two spoon raisins. After eating it, you have to eat two cardamoms and chewing it for a long time. This will strengthen your digestive system and all these things will be digested quickly.

Along with all this thing, I also tell you some health-related tips that will increase your weight faster. Whenever you do breakfast and lunch, the time interval between them, eat sprouted of pulses, eat two eggs two or three hours before dinner. And if you are a vegetarian then you can eat cheese or soybean. Eat food on time and eat enough food along with food do exercises, the food that is in your body absorbs the essential nutrients from the exercise and it will also help in your digestive system. Get enough sleep and do not drink tea or coffee immediately after eating. And drink a glass of milk before sleeping. 

Follow this home remedy and tips regularly, your weight will definitely increase.