So in the UK we call them threadworms and in the US they call them pinworms but they're the same thing let's learn more about them and how to treat them now threadworms are tiny worms that are in your poo and they're quite easy to spot because they look like tiny little white threads what I'll do as well as I'll leave a link in the description below for you in case you're unsure on how to spot them also check this scenery out now you may also see them around your child's bottom area and the other symptoms include extreme itching especially around the anogenital region, irritability and waking up during the night so that's a little background about these pesky worms .

Now let's move on to treatment and hygiene measures but let's do that somewhere else because well it's actually really cold here now treating threadworms is very simple but remember every household member must be treated even if they have no symptoms.

I know I know it's more difficult but remember threadworms are very contagious and easily spreads so it has to be done the main medication used to treat threadworms is called Mebendazole now you don't need a prescription for it and it's available from any pharmacy but I would recommend that you have a short consultation with the pharmacist so they can make sure that you're suitable to take it and to also give you some useful tips now there are some situations where you should see a doctor so for instance if you get frequent recurrences, if you're pregnant, breastfeeding or if it's for a child under the age of two so Mebendazole works by stopping the threadworms from absorbing sugar now the medication is 90 to 100 per cent effective but it doesn't kill the eggs which are why strict hygiene measures are required afterwards and we're going to discuss this a bit further on also these props have absolutely nothing to do in today's article.

I just put them here so it'd look a bit more clinical now there is some debate in the medical literature if a second dose of mebendazole should be routinely taken 14 days after the initial dose however CKS recommends that a second dose should only be repeated if the infection persists so that's the end of treatments but please remember that strict hygiene measures should be followed for at least two weeks after being treated with Mebendazole or at least six weeks if you're doing hygiene measures alone now let's run through the tip.

1. wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water after using the toilet or changing nappies and also before you make any food tip number 

2.cut your fingernails regularly avoid biting them and also avoid scratching around the anus tip 

3. shower every morning and make sure you pay particular attention around the bottom and the anus area this is to help remove the eggs from the skin tip 

4. change bedding and nightwear daily and also make sure you wash them you clothe your towels in a hot cycle it's also important not to shake everything around the room as it can distribute the eggs everywhere elsetip 

5 dust and vacuum your rooms frequently and even vacuum your mattresses to clean your bathroom and kitchen it's all about damp dusting the surfaces but make sure you wash the cloth frequently in hot water tip 

6 make sure that everyone in the house has their own towel and also with toothbrushes keep them in a closed cupboard and rinse thoroughly before you use and that's the end of the article.

I hope my tips help you and I've also left more information in the description below which I'd strongly advise everyone to read see you, next week guys, thanks for reading this week's article now to stay up to date with the new weekly article.

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