Hello, In today's modern life, we see that not only the old but kids too suffer from poor eyesight. Whether it's Spectacles or Poor Eyesight. The main reason for them is the lack of care for our eyes as we all know, in today's modern life our lives are completely dependent on computers, TVs and Mobiles. We spend most of our time in front of their screens as a result, our eyes are getting weak. So let's have a look at how we can improve our vision and rid of Spectacles Even if you don't use spectacles, these remedies would help you in keeping your eyes safe.

A very common remedy is done in the morning usually when you brush your teeth, fill your mouth with water and while doing so, wash your eyes 20 to 30 times by doing this remedy, all the dirt accumulated in your eyes and all the impurities get washed out and if you can, then try keeping half a glass of water with 1 spoon of 'Triphala' powder overnight and wash your eyes with it in the morning.

This will help in improving your vision and getting rid of spectacles, when using computers and mobiles for long many forget to blink their eyes due to that the lubrication in the eyes dries up and your eyes begin to ache so those who use these gadgets a lot they should try to wash their eyes every hour By doing so, your eyes won't ache and the lubrication of the eyes would stay safe and you will be able to keep your vision safe too.

A lot of people feel a burning sensation or swelling in their eyes for this you can make a mixture of 'Gulaabjal' and Lemon Juice and wash your eyes with it. You will have a cooling sensation by doing so. If you are already using spectacles then try the following :

At the back of your ear, apply some warm 'Ghee' (Clarified Butter) and do so twice or thrice a day Massaging with this remedy will help in improving your vision.

Another remedy can be used when you are empty stomach or have had only water warm up a spoon of 'Ghee' (Clarified Butter)Add 10 grounded black pepper and then consume it now for some tips that can help you get rid of your spectacles within 2 to 3 months for this, at night take 1 spoon fennel seeds,5-6 'Mishri' (Crystallized Sugar), 5-6 'Badam' (Almonds) and grind them then add them to milk and consume it this will help in improving your vision, getting rid of spectacles and will also help you get a good night's sleep we all know that to have healthy eyesVitamin A is very important so have green leafy vegetables have Carrots which are rich in Carotenewhich help in improving vision.

So to improve your vision, take a good night's sleep, have a healthy diet and whenever you use mobiles or computers, remember to keep washing your eyes which will improve your vision and help you get rid of your spectacles. Thank You!