These days, there are so many roadblocks that people face day in and day out which in effect, hinders them from being able to go to fitness clubs or gyms in order exercise and workout. Many people work two jobs just so they could cover the bills; there are tons of household chores to deal with; there is also bad weather and so on and so forth.

Then again, there is really no reason for you to hit the gym if you want to get in great shape. There are tons of home exercises that you can choose from which you can perform right there in your basement, garage, backyard and the like. The only thing required on your end is a whole lot of determination and you are good. Here are some at-home exercises that you can try out.

1.) Table Tennis – This a fun activity that will provide you with loads of cardio benefits. Another great thing about this is that you can get the entire family involved in your endeavor. Just think about it, you get to bond with your family and at the same time get fit – now how good is that right?

2.) Skipping Rope – Again, this is wonderful at-home exercise routine that will give you a total cardio workout. Do not get fooled by the simplicity of this activity because if you have not had any form of exercise in a couple of years now, a mere five-minute skip rope will already have you catching your breath for sure!

3.) Walk – This is a great way to get fit and is perfect for people of all ages. If the weather is good, you can walk around your local park, along with the neighborhood, etc. In case of bad weather, you can simply walk around your house or up and down the stairs and the like.