People think that they need to go to the gym and pay an expensive fees to get in better shape but this is not always true. With some motivation, it's possible to exercise for free on a daily basis, and without even knowing that you are doing it!

First of all the best way to lose some weight or to firm your body is very easy, just walk. Do you remember when is the last time you didn't use your car to go out? Long-time ago yes, so it's time to go back to good habits and try to walk again because walking is the easiest way to burn calories and it's also a really good way to exercise without having the feeling that you are doing. You can walk anywhere, anytime, you just need to want. For example you can walk to go or to come back from your workplace, to go shopping, or even just to discover new places.

Another exercise that you can do everyday is to take the stairs instead of the lift, and even if it's more difficult than walking, you can do it progressively. So every time it's possible you should take the stairs in lieu of the elevator or escalator. If your office is too high, just start climbing the stairs and then take the lift to finish, then try to climb more the next day, until you can reach your office without any elevator.

A bit more demanding but really good to train your body, you could ride a bicycle. This could be your new transportation to go almost anywhere, any season. If it's cold, cycling will keep you warm, and if it's hot, the wind will make you feel cooler.

But if you still have to use your car because your company is too far from where you live, it is a good habit not to try to park as close as possible to the building entrance. Even in the supermarket car park in front of your workplace is better, because it's a chance to walk anyway. And if you employ public transportation what an excellent plan to induce off one stop earlier and end the space by walking.

If you prefer to use dumbbells and other machines but don't want to apply for an expensive gym membership you could buy some equipment. At first, it might seem expensive to you but compared with years of fitness club membership this is not so much. Equipment is a one-time lifetime purchase, and actual weights, floor mats, and other resistance bands are cheap. But if you want an all-in-one exercise machine the price is not the same, so try to find a used one, on classified or maybe at your local gym.

If you want to do aerobic at home you can find cheap fitness videos because the new DVD is coming on the market every year, so the old ones are sold cheaper. This DVD will help you to train as if you were with a professional personal trainer, but at home, far from a club full of bacteria. As this kind of DVD is often what people buy for Christmas or birthdays when they don't know what else they could buy, ask your friends if they already own some of those DVDs that you could borrow.

If you can't join a fitness club, but still don't want to exercise alone you can also look for clubs or groups of people who go walking or who ride bicycle in your area. It's most of the time free to join many of these groups, while others have nominal membership fees.

So you can see that you don't need to be millionaire to exercise, and that the only thing that is needed is motivation. Without paying any fee you can also go jogging in the park, do sit-ups or crunch, and even carry tree branches instead of dumbbells, so money can't be a legitimate excuse to be lazy.